Second Dress Rehearsal: Jury Final!

The second dress rehearsal, also known as The Jury Final, started on time at 19:30 CET. Our 17 amazing artists stepped on the Junior Eurovision stage once again, and gave their best to impress the audience and the juries all around Europe and Australia.

Juries from all 17 participating countries were watching the show live, and will cast their votes shortly. All jurors will send in their points to our voting co-ordinators Sound of Data very shortly, and our auditors from PwC will double-check if the entire process has gone smoothly. The names of the 5 jurors from every country, as well as the members of the Kids Jury (made up from one child from the participating countries - either a former entrant in Junior Eurovision, or other successful young performers) from every country will be revealed tomorrow around lunch time.

There was a good crowd supporting all of the acts at tonight's Jury Final in Arena Armeec, and tomorrow's Grand Final is completely sold out. All 17 participants tonight gave their very best performances so far.

Don't forget to watch the televised show tomorrow night on the national TV stations of the participating countries, or online at, live from Sofia at 19:30 CET!

Repeat Performance

There was a small technical issue at the start of F.Y.R. Macedonia's performance, so Ivana and Magdalena had a chance to sing their song from the start once again at the end of the show.

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