Junior Eurovision fans #together - Part 9!


Hello, my name is Maisa Micheias and I’m Brazilian. I love Junior Eurovision a lot and I’m going to tell you how I discovered it.

I became interested in the competition in 2005 when I heard the song of the Norwegian singer Malin Reitan, not knowing what the contest was at that time, so I started researching about it and through this I got to know Junior Eurovision. From 2007 I started following it on Youtube, which made me fall in love with it.

I'm a fan of many artists who sang in Junior Eurovision, such as Lisa, Amy & Shelley, Sisters Petryk, all participants of Georgia and Gaia Cauchi, who was 2013 winner. I'm always listening the songs from the contest on my phone. Every year I have my favorites, and  my sisters and I make guesses on who will be the winner.

I think Junior Eurovision is an incredible international competition, because children can show their talent, get to know different cultures and be #together for a better world. The competition also gives them opportunities to become internationally known. I work with a kindergarten, and I know that children are fantastic and can always surprise us. I would love to watch a competition live, but due to distance I never had financial opportunities. I anxiously wait for Junior Eurovision 2014 and I would love to meet more fans of the contest!

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