10 Belarussian finalists draw running order slots

In a special draw held in Minsk, the ten young stars all picked out their positions from special origami boxes. The result of the draw, and the order in which they’ll perform in the national selection in 11 days’ time, is as follows:

  1. Yulia Levina
  2. Anna Yermokovich
  3. Nadezhda Misyakova
  4. Vladisalava Doroshevich
  5. Elena Titova
  6. Darya Atroshenko
  7. Angelina Pipper
  8. Ksenia and Pavel
  9. Antoni Konoplyanik
  10. Anna Zaitseva

"Practically all the participants are ready for the performance", stated Head of the Junior Eurovision 2014 national selection working group, and Executive Producer of TV Channel "Belarus 1", Lyudmila Borodina. Three of the songs contesting the final will be performed in Belarusian, with the other ten in Russian.

Belarus’ national selection takes place on Friday 29 August, and will be shown live on Belarus 1 – and, all being well, will live streamed here on JuniorEurovision.tv! The winner will be decided by a combination of jury and public voting.

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