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Soleá Fernandez Moreno was born in Sevilla on 19 June 2011 and comes from one of the most important flamenco families in Spain: the Farruco.

Since she was little, her enthusiasm for singing and dancing stood out, as she made her debut in a family show at the popular La Maestranza theatre.

When Soleá was only 4 years old, she was the star of a Christmas show, Navidad En Familia, where she made her debut as an actress and dancer.

Representing Spain at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is "a dream coming true", she said. "It is everything, it is incredible to perform on this stage and for so many people."

Updates about Soleá

Soleá will represent Spain at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020

It's Soleá for Spain!

2 weeks ago