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Finished 9th
My Family
Written by
S.Sitalsing, A. Lagerweij, T.P. Oosterhuis
Composed by
S. Sitalsing, A. Lagerweij, T.P. Oosterhuis
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Anna (10 years old) and Senna (11) have been best friends throughout their whole lives. As they were babies, they laid together in a baby crib because of their mothers who have been best friends ever since they were little kids.

For Anna and Senna, that was the reason to write together a song about their own family for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The song tells all about their stressing mothers, the busy fathers and their annoying brothers and sister. 

But in the end, despite all of this, they love and adore their family very much. With this song they won the Dutch national selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and will now represent The Netherlands in Minsk.

In My Family, Anna plays her bright pink violin that was specially made for her. Anna has been taking violin lessons for three years now and her great example is none other than the Dutch violinist Janine Jansen. Senna loves singing and is a big fan of Beyoncé. 

Making music together is what they love to do the most! And if they’re not singing, Senna likes to play field hockey and Anna loves to ride horses.

After winning the Dutch national selection, they have little time for these things, because by now they have become famous Dutch people. This means, besides going to school, a busy schedule with a lot of performances and guest appearances in television shows.

Now they are ready to follow Ralf Mackenbach, the winner of last year’s competition, in his footsteps and give all of their best on stage in Minsk, with their biggest fans on the stands: their own family!

Anna & Senna worked on their song together with all-round songwriter and music producer Tjeerd Oosterhuis.

Tjeerd is well-known in and outside of the Netherlands because of his career with the pop-soulband Total Touch and his work with de crème de la crème of the Dutch popular music scene.

With the (Junior) Eurovision Eurovision Song Contest, Tjeerd has been very successful too, not only did he write songs for the Dutch entry of the Eurovision Song Contest, he also produced for several Dutch participants including for the winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009, Ralf !

Lyrics of My Family

  • English
My Family My family (2x) Mijn moeder loopt te stressen want het huis is weer een troep Mijn vader is steeds aan het werk, hoort nooit haar hulpgeroep Mijn broertje laat me nooit met rust, ik erger me groen en geel Mijn zus zit maar te puberen, o nee dit wordt teveel! Refrein: My family! nanananana Doet so crazy! naa nananana I hate you and I love you Very much My family! Oke, misschien overdrijf ik een beetje Want papa en mama, jullie hebben me gemaakt En mijn lieve broertje we spelen best wel vaak En allerliefste zus, ik geef jou een plus, en vergeef me alsjeblieft… Refrein T’s niet te geloven, ik hou van ze Ook al zijn ze soms knettergek Ze staan altijd op de eerste plek My family! Nanananana Doet so crazy! Nanananana I hate you and I love you Very much (4 x) Family! My family
My family My family (2x) My mother’s under pressure ‘cause the house is such a mess My father’s always working and won’t listen to her pleas My brother’s always bothering me and getting on my nerves My sister’s an adolescent, this is getting way too much Chorus: My family! nanananana Is acting crazy! nanananana I hate you and I love you Very much My family! OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit ‘cause mummy and daddy, you made me And my little brother, we often play together And my sister too, I really do love you, forgive me please Chorus It’s hard to believe but I love them so Even though sometimes they are nuts But they always come first for me My family! Nanananana Is acting crazy! Nanananana I hate you and I love you Very much (4 x) Family! My family