Valletta 2016
Mariam Mamadashvili won Junior Eurovision for Georgia in 2016

Valletta 2016

Klesta Qehaja Besoj
38 points 13th
Anahit & Mary Tarber
232 points 2nd
Alexa Curtis We Are
202 points 5th
Alexander Minyonok Musyka moih pobed (Music is my only way)
177 points 7th
Lidia Ganeva Magical Day (Вълшебен ден)
161 points 9th
George Michaelides Dance Floor
27 points 16th
Mariam Mamadashvili Mzeo
239 points 1st
Zena Donnelly Bríce Ar Bhríce
122 points 10th
Shir & Tim Follow My Heart
27 points 15th
Fiamma Boccia Cara Mamma - Dear Mom
209 points 3rd
Christina Magrin Parachute
191 points 6th
Martija Stanojković Love Will Lead Our Way (Ljubovta ne vodi)
41 points 12th
Olivia Wieczorek Nie zapomnij
60 points 11th
The Water of Life Project Water of Life
202 points 4th
Dunja Jeličić U La La La
14 points 17th
Kisses Kisses & Dancin'
174 points 8th
Sofia Rol Planet Craves For Love
30 points 14th