Lillehammer 2004

Lillehammer 2004

Mārtiņš Tālbergs & C-Stones Juniors Balts Vai Melns
3 points 17th
KWADro Łap Życie
3 points 17th
Demis Mirarchi Birichino
4 points 16th
Limelights Varför jag?
8 points 15th
Egor Volchek Spjavajtse So Mnoj
9 points 14th
@lek En stjerne skal jeg bli
12 points 13th
Young Talent Team Power Of A Song
14 points 12th
Klaartje and Nicky Hij Is Een Kei
27 points 11th
Free Spirits Accroche-Toi
37 points 10th
Secret Band O Palios Mou Eaftos
48 points 9th
Marios Tofis Onira
61 points 8th
Thomas Si On Voulait Bien
78 points 6th
COOL KIDS Pigen er min
116 points 5th
Noni Răzvan Ene Îţi Mulţumesc
123 points 4th
Nika Turković Hej Mali
126 points 3rd
Cory Spedding The Best Is Yet To Come
140 points 2nd
María Isabel Antes Muerta Que Sencilla
171 points 1st